Defender instructor

Instructor Cliff Turner (Edmonton, Canada)

Contact Info Cliff TurnerLocation: Edmonton, Canada Email: cliffremax@gmail.comblog Cliff Turner is the founder of Natural Reaction Self Defense. Natural Reaction Self Defense is dedicated to teaching a simple system of defending yourself in the face of an attack. Simply put, the goal is to to take your instinctual reactions and fine tune them into […]

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Instructor Raymond Phillips (WA USA)

Contact Info Raymond “Nat” PhillipsWashington Stateemail: Name: Raymond “Nat” Phillips Years Studied: 15 YearsStyles Studied: Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Krav Maga, Nunchucka, Gumdo/ Kumdo, Judo, Tang Soo Do Recommended Books/ Movies/ Websites on MA: “The Art of Racing in the Rain;” “Lord of The Rings;” “The Art of War;” “The Book of Five Rings”

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Instructor Grand Master Tony Southard (NC USA)

Contact Info Grand Master Tony Southard Ph. (252) 808-5205 Location: Morehead City, NC 28557 Website: Email: Southard Combat system is a proven, excellent self-defense system developed by Grand Master Tony Southard. Techniques such as: Pressure Point, weapons, anti-rape, military training, security, hand-to-hand combat training, police training, how to disarm an opponent. The answer

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Instructor Phillip Martin (MS USA)

Contact Info Phillip Martin814 David streetNew Albany, MS. 38652 Facebook: Twitter: teachu2fight Email: I started martial arts at the age of 18. because I felt the need to better protect myself, being a “disabled” individual. I hold black belts in Hapkido (5th), Escrima (2nd), and BJJ (1st).I also hold ranks in Kali, Judo,

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