Defender instructor

Instructor Scott Murray (FL USA)

Contact Info Contact info: Scott MurrayScott lives in Orlando, FL 407-697-0043 e-mail: Facebook: Born in Syracuse, NY in 1974 Scott began training in Martial Arts in the Spring of 1993 at the University of South Florida while pursuing his B.S. in Communication Science. After pursuing a career in Logistics through sales, inventory/warehouse planning/execution,

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Instructor Larry Coates (OR USA)

Contact Info Larry CoatesBeverton Oregon Email: Full Name Lawrence “Larry” Coates Title Independent Security ContractorCompany Multiple Larry arrives to ranks of other Certified Defender Instructor with a wealth of private, protective services experience and skills. Larry comes to Certified Defender Instructor Alumni after gaining experience from a privately-managed, correctional facility environment. He assisted in

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Instructor Gary Eubanks (OK USA)

Contact Info Gary EubanksCleveland, OKgary@readyselfdefense.comContact Number: 918-691-0054 Website: De Oppresso Libre Podcast Gary Eubanks is a certified instructor with the COBRA Self Defense System as as well as Certified Level II Professional Instructor with The Self Defense Company. He was personally certified by SDC Founder and Master Instructor Damian Ross. He has been teaching

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Instructor Chris Collins (Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada)

Contact Info Chris CollinsLocation: Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada Main website: Email: Chris Collins – Director of Security Solutions Division Chris’ practical work has been recognized by Government Ministries as being best practices and models for other law enforcement agencies throughout Ontario. His service in the public safety branch had him honored by

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Instructor Robert Goff (FL USA)

Contact Info Sensei Robert GoffLocation: Tampa Bay Area, FlEmail: Sensei Robert Goff began his Martial Arts training in 1998 at Lee’s Kung Fu School. Over the last 17 years, Sensei Goff has studied Uechi Ryu Karate, Grappling, Karate Do and PangaiNoon Kung Fu/Karate. Mr. Goff has been promoted by various instructors. He received his

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Instructor John Ryan (NY USA)

Contact Info SGT John R RyanAmityville, NY Home: 516-236-0077 Work: 646-836-6469 Email: John has over 25 years of Martial Arts, Defensive Tactics and Military training, with 15+ years of constant training in Reality based systems. He holds a 1st Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do & Bu Jutsu & 8th Student

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Instructor Colin Beacham (UK)

Contact Info Colin Beacham Email: Colin Beacham has been studying various Modern and Traditional Self Defence & Combat systems for over 30 years. He is Head Instructor of an Urban Safety Company, which has provided courses and seminars for local clubs, health clubs and community centres in the London area in the UK, which

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Instructor Raymond Schiller (JAPAN)

Contact Info Meet Raymond Schiller, Head Instructor in Tokyo Japan! Contact info Email: My experience in the Martial Arts includes active training in the B.J.C. Zen-Do-Kai martial Arts Systems in Australia from 1986-1995, where I achieved the rank of 2nd Dan. This period included 1 year teaching a Thursday night Zen-Do-Kai freestyle martial Arts

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