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Instructor Tom Moore Sensei

Contact Tom Moore Senseimoore1242@comcast.netPueblo CO. Grew up in Santa Monica, CA. My dad was a pilot in WWII who flew C47 troop carrier “sky train” over the Himalayas from India to Burma and China. Then he became a United Air Lines pilot. In 1967 he and my older brother who was a senior at Thousand

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Instructor Perry Watkins (IL USA)

Bio- Started training in martial arts(shotokan) in 2009 at 23 at the YMCA under sensi bert haynes. Earned the rank of nidan(2nd) degree black belt. I’m part of the S.I.B.B.A(southern Illinois black belt aallianc) Been focusing on the self-defense side of the arts. Have experience in church security, concert security, and retail security. Able to

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Instructor Pete Stagman (MA USA)

Contact Info Contact info: Pete Stagman Lakeville email: Pete Stagman is ex military. Serving several years on a U.S. Army Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Recon Team as an NBC-NCO. After his Military service, he taught NBC & Unconventional Warfare First Responder classes at a police tactical training school. Pete is currently an instructor at

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Instructor Scott Perry (NC USA)

Contact info: Scott PerryHertford, North Carolina e-mail: EDUCATION• 1990 Graduate—UNC at Chapel Hill, Bachelor of Arts Degree• 1988 Graduate—COA, Associate in Applied Science Degree• 1979 Graduate—Perquimans County High School CIVILIAN WORK EXPERIENCE1995 to Present—Organized as Limited Liability Corporation Duties: Formed Albemarle Trading Post, LLC and ATP Discounts, LLC, 2011. I have had a corporate

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