After Purchase Offer

First of all, thank you for your recent defender order.
I had in the past offered an "after purchase offer" that works like this: Once you make an order I usually get an email of your order. I then would send you this offer that has NO SHIPPING and a huge discount so that I can just add it to your current order. It's that simple but you have to do this before I ship which is usually within 1 day. After that, I don't take this offer anymore.
If by chance you do this after I send out your order, which you get an email that I did, it' too late then. So, please take a moment to check out this offer. Again, thank you for your earlier order and I'm sure you find the prices here fantastic!

After Purchase Defender 1

Defender 1 After Purchase Offer

This is our current defender 1 self defense weapon. This special offer allows you to purchase the tools at wholesale rates all for $10 per self defense weapon. Now you can get them for your family, friends and others you care about all for this fantastic reduced rate. This is a 33% savings to you! No shipping charges because you have to order this before I send your original order out! So don't wait and miss out on this offer!

Use the link below to purchase your "After Purchase" Offer of a Defender 1 Self Defense Tool.

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After Purchase Stealth Defender Offer

The Stealth Defender

This is a super great tool. Smaller than most so it's very stealthy in your hands. The bad guys can't see it too well so they get really concerned what you are holding... and in at least 3 cases reported to Master Brusso, when the bad guys looked at the stealth... they ran away. Other time, you should read the testimonials, one guy saved a baby from parents blowing crack smoke in the babies face to stop it from crying. Well, you have to read the testimonial to get the hole idea. Needless to say, this is a great tool and again all for $10 USD. Normally $16.95 so that's a savings of 41%!!! I know I'm crazy but these tools are so great I want you to be able to give them to your friends, family and others you care about.



Use the link below to purchase your "After Purchase" Offer of a Stealth Self Defense Tool

Or use the link below:

Rabbit Gen 1

Gen 1 Rabbit

Make extra savings on this Gen 1 Rabbit Defender! Normally $10 but after purchase, you can get it for $8.00! Law enforcement, bodyguards, and other security personnel love this tool. Still free online training too! Grab a great gift today!!!