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Don’t Be a Victim: How to Use a Self-Defense Weapon to Protect Yourself

Self-defense weapons are integral to personal protection, whether traveling abroad, stopping a sexual assault, violent crime, or just walking to the corner store in your neighborhood. The new Self-defense weapon is called a “Defender.” Not just the latest but, in fact, the ONLY martial arts self-defense tool invented in the last 250 years.

The Defender fits inside the self-defense laws and police officers think it’s a good idea for any dangerous situation. As a reasonable person, your personal safety should consider a non-lethal self-defense weapons especially in the United States. In a public place, with some rare events such as domestic violence, a lethal weapon and use of deadly force isn’t always the best way.

Arm yourself with self-defense techniques is the best option, and the Defender fits inside this strategy. Self-defense tools are close range weapons and are common sense things to consider first. Causing grievous bodily harm or serious bodily harm isn’t the best strategy. Remember that once you successfully deploy self-defense tactics or other successful self-defense strategy you might need a criminal defense attorneys to show that you used reasonable force.

What Are The Best Nonlethal Self Defense Weapons?

Many people, especially women, turn to nonlethal self-defense weapons in order to protect themselves from danger. When choosing such a weapon, you want one that is easy for you to use and will be able to effectively neutralize an attacker with little risk of long-term physical damage or death. The good news is that many such weapons exist, and there are several different types of nonlethal self-defense weapons that can be used by anyone interested in protecting themselves from harm.

When choosing nonlethal self-defense weapons, there are several things you’ll want to keep in mind. First of all, you should look for something that can effectively protect you from your attacker while minimizing the risk of injury or death. You should also find something that is easy to use and comfortable in your hand. If possible, choose something that can inflict enough pain on an attacker to make them leave you alone without killing them.

This may not always be possible, but it will help ensure that your self-defense weapon won’t end up being used against you by an angry assailant after they have been hindered. Finally, try to find a weapon that is affordable enough for most people and which can be easily concealed if necessary. There are many different types of nonlethal self-defense weapons available on the market today, so finding one with these characteristics shouldn’t be difficult at all.

What Is A Defender Self-Defense Weapon And Where To Get One

There are many self-defense weapons on the market. These include, but are not limited to, stun guns, pepper spray, and tasers. However, these products can be bulky and inconvenient to carry around with you at all times. This is where a Defender weapon comes in handy! A Defender weapon is an all-in-one self-defense tool that has been designed specifically for self-defense and used by many women.

Today, with all the lawless violent attacks out on the street, including carjacking and home invasion, you need to protect yourself with a non-lethal option. The Defender weapon is that option! The Defender Weapon is a self-defense device that comes in many different styles and colors. It is designed for everyone, but it can specialize in women’s self-defense because it can fit into your purse or pocket without adding bulk or taking up much room at all. The Defender Weapon has been built for easy use by anyone of any age, gender, or strength level!

It is made of durable plastic, and fits nicely in your hand; the bad guys don’t know what it is or how to use it. Unlike a knife or gun that can be taken away from you and used on you, a Defender stops that option. Why?

The bad guys have never seen it let alone know how to use it! You need something powerful but not lethal. Something that will stop them in their tracks without killing them so they can go to jail. That’s where Defender weapons come into play! They are non-lethal weapons that cause pain and injury to a bad guy, so they will stop trying to hurt you.

This is why women love Defender weapons. The Defender Weapon comes with a video training ONLINE that teaches you step by step how to use it effectively against an attacker. This gives anyone who uses one peace of mind knowing that if attacked, they now have an easy-to-use tool at their disposal to protect themselves from harm. With all these features, who wouldn’t want one?

The Defenders also come with several easy carry options for your convenience too. If you are carrying one in your purse or pocket, you need to be able to get it out and use it quickly when attacked by someone. With that in mind, Defender central came up with their neck rigs, self-defense weapons clips, and kydex holsters, allowing you many options to carry and quickly deploy the weapon. There are other styles of self-defense weapons, but none of them compare in quality and effectiveness as a Defender weapon will give you!

Defender Self-Defense Safety

A Defender is very safe as you use it much like any other tool you have ever used. With a hammer, you point and pound. With a screwdriver, you access the head of a screw and twist. The same thing is true with a Defender. You attack, when you want, soft tissue, pressure points, and boney areas of the body that inflict large amounts of pain and, in some cases, quick body injury. Some of the Defenders are very aggressive in nature and were designed to cause large amounts of injury to a body very quickly. Other Defender models focus more on pain compliance than body part structure injuries. Either way, they all work exceptionally well.

You must remember that use of necessary force in your self-defense program comes with specific requirements not to do serious bodily injury. When in court, you must be able to prove reasonable doubt about the outcome of the initial attack, which makes sense.

As odd as it might seem, you could face criminal charges from your self defense, especially if you live in North Carolina or even New Hampshire. It is crazy to think that you were the intended victim, the target of the imminent attack, had opted out of a defensive gun use, or carry pepper spray, didn’t do the first blow or use of firearms, and wasn’t the initial aggressor, but rather you are the good guy who gets sued!

Is It Legal To Own A Defender?

In most states, you can own some form of defensive weapon. But in order to ensure your ownership is within legal bounds, it’s essential to understand what is and isn’t considered an offensive or defensive weapon. Some of them are obvious—guns, knives, and other weapons designed for offense are not allowed for civilian use—but others may surprise you. Large knives that don’t have sheaths can be considered illegal if they’re held openly, but smaller knives with sheaths can usually be carried if they stay concealed in your purse or pocket.

If your state’s laws allow you to carry certain weapons in public, be aware that some localities may have additional restrictions. For example, New York City prohibits most residents from carrying switchblades and daggers in public unless they’re licensed by police. Although these are considered defensive weapons by law, people found with them can be arrested on sight.

The Defender is so legal several of the models even pass through TSA as they don’t meet the definition of a weapon, i.e., they have a point and are sharp. The Guppy and Traveler models meet this rule for sure, but our standard carry Defender 1 routinely flies around the world every day.

The manufacturer also offers free replacement of the Defender should you need to give it up to get on a plane or such. If you are traveling overseas, they will mail you a new Defender [international postage paid by the owner], and if you are in the USA, it’s all a FREE replacement. If you lose the tool on your own, there is no FREE replacement for your loss.

How To Use A Defender Self-Defense Weapon For Best Results

The Defender has a general training ONLINE video FREE to teach you how to carry, deploy and use the self-defense weapon. On the website, there are many FREE videos on the self-defense weapon, the easy carry options, and even a fun section of where the Defenders have traveled; you would be surprised. The Defender is not just for women’s self-defense but can also be used by men and young adults. The best thing about it is that it can easily fit into your handbag or pocket, and no one will know that it is there unless they need to use it in an emergency situation. It effectively stops an attacker in their tracks so they cannot harm you any further.

It is also great for them if you have children in college or the like. We even have a website that shows they are chef-cooking tools and not a weapon. The fact is they work for cooking as well! In college, the amount of force or doing great bodily harm can be problematic, so a Defender is a great choice. The legal system, local laws, and other legal issues many times favor the criminal, as shown when you research criminal case.

In Conclusion

The Defender can go almost anywhere you go. It is something the bad guys don’t know, adding a level of fear and surprise to their antics. Many violent attacks were stopped just by the sight of a Defender, something the bad guys didn’t know what it was and didn’t want to risk it. You can see the success stories on the website and hear firsthand about these accounts.

Simple to use and quick to learn, these new weapons are in a class of their own. Unparalleled in the self-defense industry. Unlike a knife or gun, they won’t be used against you in any meaningful way. They are primarily non-lethal, so your legal defense doesn’t break the bank. If law enforcement takes your Defender away, we at will replace it for free [terms apply]. They are super affordable so that you can get more than one so you can place them all around where you might need one. In your car, office, boat, home, and of course, on your body. Great for gifts for your elderly parents and other family members. 

Bonus material

Situational analysis

Situational analysis or situational awareness is a process of gathering and analyzing information about a particular situation. It can be used to prevent a sudden attack by identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities.

When conducting a situational analysis, it is important to consider the following factors: the environment, the people involved, the resources available, and the objectives. By taking into account these factors, you can develop a plan to prevent or mitigate a sudden attack.

The first step in the situational analysis is to identify the problem or threat. This can be done by observing the environment and looking for signs of danger. If there are no obvious threats, you can ask questions to identify potential risks. Once the problem has been identified, you need to gather information about it. This includes understanding the motivations of those involved, their capabilities, and any resources they have access to.

Situational analysis is a process of gathering and making sense of information about a specific situation. It is commonly used by businesses to prevent sudden attacks by understanding the current environment and its potential threats.

To use situational analysis for prevention, businesses first need to identify what factors (e.g., people, objects, events, etc.) could pose a threat to their security. They then need to assess the level of risk associated with each factor. Finally, they need to develop and implement strategies to mitigate the risks.

By using situational analysis, businesses can be proactive in preventing sudden attacks before they happen. By understanding the current environment and potential threats, businesses can take steps to protect themselves and their employees.

Four laws of a violent attack

1)     You are in the wrong place at the right time.

2)     You get noticed by the bad guys.

3)     The bad guys approach you and start a dialog. That dialog drifts into foul language, and you move to the next level.

4)     The physical attack starts.

Walking after dark in a city

Walking after dark can be dangerous, especially in a city. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe:

1. Stay aware of your surroundings. If you feel like you’re being followed, cross the street or walk into an area where you are not lit up by street lights. It is safer to be in the dark where the bad guys can’t see you.

2. Don’t take shortcuts. Stick to well-lit, busy streets where there are plenty of people around.

3. Keep your valuables hidden and close to your body. If you carry a purse, keep it close to your side and don’t let anyone see what’s inside.

4. Be cautious when using headphones or talking on the phone. You want to be able to hear what’s going on around you in case someone approaches from behind.

5. Trust your instincts.

How to talk to an attacker

If you find yourself in a situation where you are face-to-face with an attacker, it is important to know how to communicate with them in a way that will de-escalate the situation and increase your personal safety. Here are some tips on how to talk to an attacker:

1. Remain calm and avoid panicking. This will help you think more clearly and remain in control of the situation.

2. Speak in a firm but non-threatening voice. This will show that you are confident and not intimidated by the attacker.

3. Try to defuse the situation by diffusing any anger or hostility the attacker may be feeling. You can do this by using calming body language and tones and by avoiding any aggressive or confrontational words or actions.

How to dress for self-defense

If you’re going to be out late at night or in a poorly lit area, it’s essential that you dress in such a way as to attract as little attention from passersby as possible. It sounds counterintuitive, but you want people walking by you not to notice you. So stick with dark pants and tops and avoid bright colors like yellow, orange, and red. Dress for comfort—you don’t want your clothing hampering your movements if something does happen. And make sure your shoes are quiet on the sidewalk [also see the section below about shoes you can fight in].

This can sound silly—after all, would your attacker care about how heavy your footsteps were? Probably not. But imagine yourself in court trying to explain why you didn’t take simple precautions like these. You don’t want to have to answer questions like Why weren’t you wearing sneakers instead of high heels? Why didn’t you wear black pants instead of those blue jeans? etc., because then it just becomes an issue of what kind of victim you were rather than focusing on catching your attacker.


Also, think about where you will carry any weapons that could help protect yourself should an attack occur (see below). A purse is a good option because it allows easy access and keeps them concealed but consider other options, too (like ankle bracelets). Make sure they’re accessible without having to fumble around when under duress. Finally, keep your Defender handy. We recommend using one with a lanyard attachment or

Robust clip and Kydex holster

robust kydex clip rig so you can easily grab it when needed. Just remember to practice using it before carrying it every day. There’s no point in buying one if you’re never practiced using it!

Wear shoes you can fight in

One of these days, you may be walking down a lonely street when some creep starts following you. You walk faster, and it keeps following. What do you do? Women’s self-defense experts say don’t let him corner you in an isolated area—always have an escape route planned ahead of time. If he gets too close, ask him what he wants; it will give you time to figure out your options while letting him know that his behavior is unacceptable.

Or start yelling for help [remember to yell fire] or throwing things at him (if there are any objects nearby). If those options aren’t available, your shoes can be used as weapons, too—just ram them right into his balls [if you have high heels on]. And keep in mind that if someone does attack you, kicking him in the groin isn’t just a good way to defend yourself—it also prevents pregnancy.

And if all else fails, bite his face off! It’ll hurt like hell, but at least you won’t end up dead. Name one product that could save your life: A Defender: It’s easy to carry around with you and doesn’t look dangerous, so people won’t think twice about it. The looks alone will make most attackers back off because they probably don’t know what it is. And if not, you got a free shot at their crotch. Unlike a stun gun, which you’ll likely need more than one hit, the Defender doesn’t need any charge-up time. So go get one now!

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