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Most people come to this site interested in the self defense tool benefits; as what they can do for them. This is a great thing as a self defense tool can offer you many self defense benefits; especially when you consider not having one! Are you better with one or not? Well that is obvious I would think; however there are some more benefits that you should really consider even if you are an accomplished martial artist or even law enforcement. 

First I would think you might want to be as well trained as possible when it comes to your self defense. Now I agree some of us can get lost in the part there but there is a minimum degree of capability that will serve you well in your own self defense. First consider reading the “four rules of a violent attack” as a primer for your own self defense. If you are looking for  women self defense techniques these videos I’m going to suggest will work very well for that too. 

The first thing to consider, besides learning the self defense tool which is FREE on this site plus Brussoshop.com, is to learn simple weapons disarms plus the Be Real series of self defense techniques. These are, as usual, money back guaranteed so you have nothing to risk.  Hear is a list and links to those video’s over on http://brussoshop.com : 

     1) Simple weapons disarms

     2) Be Real Series self defense techniques

Both of these videos will help to give you more self defense capability and I know when you need it; you will be so very glad to have the knowledge. Take a look at the trailers for these ground breaking videos:



If you are serious about your self defense then I know that you will see the value in knowing both of these video content… all for your self defense plus the protection of your family. When the bad guy comes a calling make sure to give them the bad day!

Master Peter Brusso


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