New Stealth Self Defense Gadget

New clear stealthThis is our new stealth self defense tools… what’s new? We now have it in clear color. If you are going to carry the stealth then why not be completely stealth? That what this little puppy does. Fantastic to travel with! Easy to fit into your pocket and when deployed it is so clear and low profile, the bad guys won’t know what hit them until it’s all over with!

One of my clients used this in Texas to fight off 3 guys and when the police arrived they were shocked at how much damage he did to the bad guys. They asked him how he did all that damage and he showed them the stealth. They said “what is that?”… and he explained how it worked. Unfortunately the had to confiscate the tool for evidence but we sent him another one for free! Get yours today here on Go to the stealth page.

This particular version of the self defense tools is very popular with travelers as it’s small enough to fit in your shirt or pants pocket and go with you anywhere. If ever questioned as to what it is??? It’s a fish scaler, ice scraper depending on the season of course. The top edge is sharp and with the sharp point makes for a very effective violent discouragement to whom you have to say NO too. 

I have to tell you that when I have used this tool for real it did it’s job in very short order. With the sharp beveled edge makes for a great cutting tool. With the sharp point it can really punish anyone who kicks or punches at you; you allow them to run into the sharp point. The sharp point of the stealth self defense tool makes a great way to push through crowds that might be trying to stop you from leaving. Place the point anywhere on their body and push… they well move very fast out of your way! So if you are traveling at all this Self Defense tool is a great option for you to carry! Go to the stealth page!

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  1. It has been interesting watching the evolution of this tech. It’s kinda like a new favorite song on the radio… You love it and want everyone to hear it…but you also want it as your secret and don’t want everyone to have it…

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