And then the San Bernardino Terrorists came!

And Master Brusso was there… The San Bernardino Terrorists Came!!!

Yep I was there and the above video tells it all. It was all by accident that I was there (San Bernardino) but the story is interesting for sure as I had a non military person who haven’t had any martial arts training too. He was a good friend who drove me to the VA hospital and I’ll let you watch the video above for the rest of the story! Enjoy!

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  1. Loved hearing about the experiences at the VA hospital during the jihadi attack in San Bernardino. As a Vet, I laughed when I heard the quote, “the guys are trained to go toward the bullets.” That’s for sure, it’s all about attitude. Ooorah! There’s a sign at the entrance of the VA that states, “No weapons allowed” makes me smile because I have rarely ever known a Vet who doesn’t have a knife or a weapon on them at all times. Just last week, I’m a female Army Airborne Vet, I was in the Women’s Clinic at the VA and my knife slipped out of my pocket and fell on the floor. The clinic nurse picked it up and handed it back to me.
    Very Airborne!

    1. Loved your knife story as I carry mine in the VA as well… I completely forget that I have it and I always have a defender on me. I even gave my Dr. in the VA a defender self defense weapon… not supposed to have weapons in the VA.. yeah… right. Thanks for taking the time to put a comment up!

  2. Ted Hernandez

    This vid of you guys discussing the SB terror attack was very informative!. Having been on site when the “Towers” went down and felling pretty damn helpless to do anything outside of rendering assistance to the ones that made it out…made me think about how venerable we are…….and I hate that feeling. Glad you guys were where at the VA hosp. Rather than being victims of this murderous rampage. Bless you both! Ted

    1. Thank you for your comment! It was a shock but this is only the second time I have had the chance to meet a terrorist event!

  3. That’s crazy, but ya terrorists entering vet place no bueno lol. But wow that’s a lot of cops. And did you go there having no clue that was going on?I also checked out your defenders pretty cool varieties. I liked the defender 2 The very aggressive one seem a bit to much,. I guess that’s why a lot of military guys use them lol.
    And again thank you for your service and all you brave men god bless you.
    Oh you have my email.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment! Yes, I went there not knowing what was going on. A friend drove me and we talked websites and marketing on the web the whole way. We saw cop cars passing us very fast, and still just chatting away! Usually when we get to the off ramp for the VA hospital it’s very busy… not this time and when we went up the road “mountain View” everyone was leaving and we were the only ones coming in…haha… dum of me not wonder more about that but there you have it! Again, thanks for the comment.

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